Friday, August 14, 2009

A Woman Holding Office

Of all the places promoting equality and fairness, America is at the top of the metaphorical billboard. And yet, our preaching country has never proffered one thing: a woman as the leader of our fair nation.It is surprising to realize how few people actually realize that women have run for president or vice president in the past. None of them got on the ballot. I ask myself, "Why is this? Why is it that none of the women become the major party nominees?"The Philippines, after becoming relatively free when allied with the United States, had a female president quite soon after their democracy was founded. Corazon Aquino held her seat of office from 1986 to 1992 with a capable hand.Be it stereotypical of me to say this or not, studies in our country have shown that women tend toward the liberal s

She would also have to have sufficient popularity and financial backing. It may happen in four years, maybe forty, but with all the support building behind the solid idea, a Woman in the White house doesn't seem as impossible as it would have years ago. A woman running for president would need to garner support from many different groups, even some of the more difficult ones. A few of these would be the once-considered minorities, members of the major United States religions, and the liberals living in California and New York, not to generalize too much. However, a large part of being the best candidate is having a powerful, nationwide political support structure to help get on the state presidential election primary ballots, raise money to ensure the campaign's message gets out, contact the media outlets, and otherwise build a strong nationwide campaign. She will have to be the BEST of the best. But whatever the case, I believe that a Republican woman would appeal to both major parties than a Democratic one. There are many organizations working for exactly that, although none of them are very large, at least not enough to contend with the big parties. Any woman running for president would be starting from scratch, without the endorsements already enjoyed by many other candidates. Not least of these is American Women Presidents which first dedicated itself to seating a woman in the white house in March 2000. I can only suppose that this is because they were degraded and looked down upon for quite a period of time as much as some racial groups. American voters will elect women presidents and vice presidents the same way we have always elected presidents and vice presidents. The long run continues as we swing through the election this November. She would have to be extremely well balanced in her policies and beliefs.