Tuesday, July 28, 2009

discouraged from attending

Almost every woman believes in equality whether it's in the workplace or in life in general. Unfortunately, women's equality has yet to be achieved. In almost every single company, men earn more. All the while women still face sexual harassment, degradation and isolation.

ILARY Magazine: Is it true that there are companies out there that discourage women from applying for prominent positions, and instead encourage their male counterparts?

Martha Burk: Yes. There are many more companies than people realize which exclude women from work groups, some informally and some not so informally, such as giving women lesser assignments, or assigning them to "lost cause" accounts and projects. Informal networks outside the workplace are a problem too. We found that in the case of client entertainment at Augusta National, where companies can spend up to $500,000 in a week, women were not told they couldn't participate, but "strongly discouraged" from attending, according to one division head.