Monday, July 6, 2009

Smart Women

Best Small Business Ideas: Smart Women / Small Business FABGuides Outstanding

Overwhelmed by the thought of what goes into starting a small business these days? You definitely have the desire, the drive, but where are you going to find the time? And where do you get started?

Many people find it tedious, confusing, and often frustrating when researching potential small businesses. Are you one of these? Even though the Internet has a wealth of information, it also has a bunch of @#$% small business products that you need to be able to sort through. And we're not even talking about all those scams!
Small Business Ideas with Step-by-Step Blueprints

After spending hours upon hours searching for the best small business resources, we discovered these great guides from the folks at FabJob. In each of these comprehensive Smart Women, Small Business FABGuides, you get step-by-step advice including the Fundamentals of the Business, How to Get Started, Necessary Skills for the Business, How to Break into the Business, How to Get Hired, Strategies for Success, Sample Forms for the Business, and links to many key resources including professional associations, key business resources, recommended books and magazines of the trade. Written by real small business owners not hired writers, these guides literally take you by the hand and show you how to create and run your own successful small business.

Why do we like them?

* Very comprehensive...these are not general overviews of a business
* Customized for each business...not a template with a lot of generic information
* Authors are successful owners of the business they write about
* No risk, money back guarantee if you are not happy with the guide you bought
* Great value - a fraction of what is charged for more generic, template-based products

Who else likes them?

These small business guides have been featured or mentioned in the Wall Street Journal Online, CBS,, Woman's World Magazine, Woman's Day, and others main stream media. We're not the only ones that like them!

So if you're looking for small business ideas along with step-by-step advice in how to get started and what it takes to be successful, take a look at these Small Business Guides. They'll take your from crawling, to walking, to running your own small business. Oh, and they're a great value, too, which is important for those struggling in this tough economy.
Become an Advertising Copywriter
Become a Book Editor
Become a Business Consultant
Become a Cake Decorator
Become a Cartoonist
Become a Caterer or Personal Chef
Become a Childrens Book Author
Become a Corporate Trainer
Become a Daycare Owner
Become a Dog Daycare Owner
Become a Dog Walker
Become an Etiquette Consultant
Become an Event Planner
Become an Event Planner by Jill Snodgrass
Become a Fashion Designer
Become a Fashion Stylist
Become a Food Critic
Become a Gift Basket Business Owner
Become a Home Stager or Redesigner
Become a Human Resources Professional
Become an Image Consultant
Become an Interior Decorator
Become an Inventor
Become a Jewelry Designer
Become a Landscape Company Owner
Become a Life Coach
Become a Makeup Artist
Become a Management Consultant
Become a Massage Therapist
Become a Motivational Speaker
Become a Movie Reviewer
Become a Mystery Shopper Become a Mystery Writer
Start a Nonprofit Business
Become a Party Planner
Become a Personal Concierge Business Owner
Become a Personal Shopper
Become a Personal Trainer
Become a Pet Business Owner
Become a Pet Sitter
Become a Pet Groomer
Become a Private Investigator
Become a Professional Organizer
Become a Professional Photographer
Become a Public Relations Consultant
Become a Published Writer
Become a Real Estate Agent
Become a Recording Artist
Become a Romance Writer
Become a Screenwriter
Become a Social Entrepreneur
Become a Songwriter
Become a Stand-Up Comic
Become a Super Salesperson
Become a Technical Writer
Become a Television Producer
Become a Television Reporter
Become a Travel Consultant
Become a Travel Writer
Become a Video Game Designer
Become a Web Developer
Become a Wedding Planner
Become a Wine Merchant
Become a Yoga Teacher